• Spaghetti - 350 grams King Prawns - 200g Oil - 4 TBSP Salt - 1 TBSP Ripe Tomatoes - 750 grams Garlic - 5-6 Cloves Red onion - 2 Parmesan Cheese - 2 TBSP Basil Leaves - A few Pepper Powder - 1/2 tbsp Salt to Taste


1)  Wash and cut tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil leaves roughly

2) Clean and wash king prawns

Cooking Process

1) In a heavy, large bottom sauce pan take water 3/4th of the pan and boil the water adding 2 TBSP oil and salt

2) when the water is boiling place the spaghetti and cook for 12-15 minutres or according to the instructions on the packet

3) In the mean while in a pan heat the other 2 TBSP oil fry prawns for 5-7 minutes and keep it aside

4) Add cut tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil leaves and cook gor 5 -8 minutes adding salt and black pepper powder

5) Then drain the spaghetti and run cold water for once and transfer into large bowl

6) Pour the prepared tomato sauce with prawns over the spaghetti

7) Finally sprinkle parmesan cheese and serve hot